Monthly Archives: March 2015

Are you ready to quit? No Smoking Day – 11th March 2015

The damage that smoking can cause to our heart and lungs is well known. However, many people do not realise that smoking also causes significant damage to the mouth. People who smoke are more likely to have gum disease. Smoking can change the type of bacteria in dental plaque, increasing the number of the more

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Oral Healthcare – TePe Gingival Gel – Double protection for teeth and gums!

The interdental spaces (between the teeth) are difficult to clean with an ordinary toothbrush.  These spaces conceal about 40% of the tooth surface so, without using floss or interdental brushes to clean these areas, they are the most likely place for gum disease and tooth decay to develop. TePe Gingival Gel is a mint-flavoured, anti-bacterial gel

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Priory Dental Care are going to ‘Go Insane’ – Raising money for Big C

On Sunday 27th September  2015, members of the Priory Dental Care team are going to ‘Go Insane‘ at Doddington, near Cambridge, to raise money for Big C, Norfolk’s Cancer Charity. Go Insane is a 5km mud run obstacle course, featuring mud pits, mud slides, hay bale climbs and pond wades to name but a few

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