At Priory Dental Care we believe good value is important in dentistry and we don’t want finance to be a barrier to your dental treatment. We understand that it’s often easier to pay little and often than it is to find a larger sum of money all in one go – that’s why we’re pleased to offer you Denplan Care.

Denplan Care is a dental payment plan where you pay a fixed monthly amount to cover the cost of all the routine care you need to keep your teeth and gums healthy – thus avoiding any unexpected dental bills.

Denplan Care includes:

  • Routine examinations, X-rays and advice.
  • Hygiene treatments.
  • Restorative treatments such as fillings, root canal treatments, crowns, bridges, dentures and inlays (laboratory fees are excluded).
  • Supplementary insurance covering you for dental injuries, worldwide emergency dental treatment for when you’re away from home, on business or on holiday, hospital cash benefit and mouth cancer cover.
  • Prices start from just £13.83 per month.

In order to join Denplan Care you will need to be classed as ‘dentally fit’. The dentist will assess your dental health and agree a programme of dental treatment with you, where necessary. Once the agreed treatment has been completed, you will be classed as ‘dentally fit’ and have 30 days from your completion date in which to join.

Denplan Excel
As part of our ongoing dedication to offering you the highest quality dental care we are pleased to be able to introduce you to Denplan Excel. Denplan Excel is a pioneering programme of dental care that actively involves you, the patient, in your diagnosis and treatment and aids communication between patient and dentist.

At every routine examination, Denplan Excel dentists record an Oral Health Score, which enables you to gain a good understanding of the state of your dental fitness. This assessment examines key aspects of your overall dental health, including the health of your teeth, signs of wear and gum health, as well as your personal views of your own oral health. The process is ongoing and your score will be updated each time you visit your dentist, enabling you to build up a picture of how your oral health is changing over time. Your dentist will then work with you to explain and improve upon any aspects of your oral health that require attention.

Denplan Excel Certified
You can be confident that we offer you the best quality of care, as demonstrated by our Denplan Excel Certified status. Dentists have to become certified to Denplan Excel through compliance with stringent quality controls. Any dentist can apply to join the programme but they have to satisfy a set of requirements before they can gain the accreditation.

Denplan complete a rigorous annual check of administrative and clinical excellence within the practice. The practice has maintained its Denplan Excel certification since 2002 and we are currently the only Excel certified dental practice in King’s Lynn and West Norfolk.

Denplan Excel 2017